Elders ‘help us Inuit keep going and never stop’

‘My Corner of Our Land’ – Nunatsiaq News readers reflect on Nunavut Day

Friends helping each other our and elders keeping traditions alive are part of life in Gjoa Haven, says Rita Porter. (Photo courtesy of Rita Porter)

By Rita Porter,
Special to Nunatsiaq News

With Nunavut Day coming up, Nunatsiaq News asked readers to share what makes their corner of the territory special to them.

Nunavut was born April 1, 1999. Across Nunavut, we celebrate Nunavut Day on July 9 every year with the community of Gjoa Haven and do community events.

Rita Porter lives in Gjoa Haven. (Submitted photo)

We play traditional games and eat country food.

I love the land, waters, sky, animals, Inuktitut language, family, friends and elders.

I am proud to be an Inuk up North. I love the cold, clear air, fresh water to drink from the lakes, love eating country food from the oceans, lake and land. Every day, the sky has beautiful sunset, sunrise, northern lights, stars, moon and rainbows.

We use the weather to hunt, travel and learn to use it to survive in the North. We hunt Arctic animals, we cook, use all parts of each animal to make traditional tools and clothing.

Camping with family is the best time of the year during the spring, summer and fall time.

We teach our generation to travel, hunt cook, sew and use traditional tools.

Friends help when we need help, they support us in everyday life up north, teamwork and show caring. Elders help us to keep our Inuit tradition and knowledge alive by discussion, demonstration and language.

Elders are so dedicated to pass on what they did to survive out on the land, lakes and ocean.

Thank you to the elders to help us Inuit to keep going and never stop.

Nunavut Day is very important to show the world and community members who we are.

We live in a very harsh climate. We continue to thrive, respect our land, waters, animals and elders. We want the best for our future generations. They need to learn the skills, knowledge and our Inuit language to keep our Inuit culture alive.

Rita Porter lives in Gjoa Haven.

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