Everyone must pay for services


In order to preserve their “traditional values,” Inuit still insist that “the government” provide them with a living in a contemporary society that they did not choose.

It’s the fault of the government, which originally treated the Inuit as their “dear children” for whom they must provide everything. Instead of integrating into the Canadian mosaic as another distinct ethnic group with its own traditions and values, the Inuit seem to have remained Canada’s petulant children who still demand that the government do everything for them.

It seems that some people will have limits put on their electrical consumption until they pay the arrears they owe to the Nunavut Power Corporation. Doesn’t Social Services give them money to pay their subsistence bills?

Instead of, or after, again bailing them out, wouldn’t it be doing them more of a service to teach them how to live in contemporary society? To teach Inuit that they too must pay for services received? That they are no longer children, but responsible adults, capable of taking care of themselves?

Wasn’t the strength of the Inuit their resilience, independence, fortitude, and mastery of the environment?

(Name witheld by request)
Qikiqtaaluk Region

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