Expired food should be moved off the shelves


The other day I noticed a can of soup I purchased just last week. The expiry date was Dec. 31, 1999. The date today is May 2002.

The department of health should really inspect stores that sell expired food, and get it off the shelves. Food has an expiry date for a reason — food is a living thing, and creates molds and so on. If they were smart enough to know to take the food off the shelves, this would save money, as people won’t get sick from food.

The people it affects the most are the ones who rely on the welfare system, as they have no choice but to buy it. We buy the food with no discount, but at full price and triple the amount it costs to purchase it in the southern market.

We live and work in Nunavut, but who wants to spend money here if we have to worry about expired food? So Nunavummiut, look at the packaging for the date before you buy it, and don’t buy food if it is expired.

(Name withheld by request)
Cambridge Bay

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