Following ransomware attack, Government of Nunavut puts hiring on hold

But big consulting company seeks tech specialists to work in Iqaluit

All operating and communications systems at the Government of Nunavut are still down, due to the Nov. 2 ransomware attack. (Screen shot)

By Jane George

(Updated, 5:30 p.m.)

With the territorial government’s operating systems shut down for at least another week due to the recent ransomware attack, it’s not a great time to be job hunting in Nunavut.

That is, unless you have experience in internet management, along with internet technology skills.

An Ottawa-based Indigenous consulting company called Donna Cona Inc. is recruiting for several jobs that require that combination for a “key government client” in Iqaluit.

Some of the Donna Cona job postings appear to be recent and others look as if they were posted before the Nov. 2 attack that kicked the whole government offline and sent it back to using paper, telephones and faxes—as well as social media—to communicate.

Donna Cona said on its website that it had recently won a number of multi-year contracts with a government client in Iqaluit to provide a variety of “IM/IT services, including Network Support Services, Application and Cloud Support Services and Project Management and Solutions Delivery Services.”

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a regular GN job, you will be in a waiting game.

Due to the ransomware attack, the Human Resources Department’s activities appear to have ground to a halt.

On Tuesday the GN posted a human resources update. It says if you applied for a GN job that closed on Nov. 1, “the application process is delayed.”

The same goes for applications from new casuals and relief employees: “applications cannot be processed” at this time.

But if  you are a casual or relief employee who is already supposed to start work, there is no change in your situation, the GN told Nunatsiaq News.

The GN is now using its Facebook page to provide updates on such things as the outage’s impacts on income support recipients who are now receiving food vouchers instead of money.

You can also find a Nov. 7 update on the human resources department on the Facebook page.


An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that if you applied for a job competition that closed in September or October, you need to wait until the system is restored, then reapply. You must only wait if you want an update on your application

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(3) Comments:

  1. Posted by Donna on

    Why would Donna Cona Inc. be hiring when they are one of the current consulting firms (along with Beavertec, SWGI, etc) who have been partially responsible (GN IT personnel being the other) for protecting GN network from ransomware attacks & similar cyber intrusions. I would think their service agreement, and other IT consulting firms hired by CGS Iqaluit, would be scrutin8z

    • Posted by Just wannabe #WOKE on

      They use Donna Cona because they are indigenous! Which is great because they can use traditional knowledge and consult with the elders on how to fix this.

      • Posted by Think twice on

        You got to be joking. Donna Cona has only an indigenous name, all staff are non indigenous, from all over the world. Forget traditional knowledge and elders, this is maybe good for igloo building and hunting skills, but for sure not for situations the GN is experiencing right now. Thanks for the good outbreak in laughs thou

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