Former RCMP officer denied bail in sexual assault appeal

Mosesie Ikkidluak is waiting in the Iqaluit jail for the appeal decision that will likely be scheduled for 2025, lawyer says

Mosesie Ikkidluak leaves court on June 24 after being sentenced to nine years in prison for sexual assault. (Photo by Jeff Pelletier)

By Arty Sarkisian

A former Iqaluit RCMP special constable has been denied bail while he waits for the outcome of his appeals of his conviction and sentence.

Mosesie Ikkidluak was sentenced June 24 to nine years in prison after being convicted of three sexual assaults — one in 2008 and two more in 2021 — all involving the same person, who was sleeping each time.

Ikkidluak is appealing both his conviction and the sentencing, his lawyer said.

Justice Jack Watson denied Ikkidluak bail in Iqaluit court on Monday, saying he wasn’t convinced that an appeal could be successful.

Ikkidluak’s lawyer, Alison Crowe, said in a phone call that they are appealing the conviction based on some “evidence being excluded” during the trial.

In his sentencing decision, Justice Paul Bychok rejected a joint submission from the defence and Crown for a four-year sentence.

Crowe said Bychok’s decision was “out of line with sentencing in this jurisdiction.”

Ikkidluak is waiting in jail in Iqaluit for the appeal decision. It’s up to Corrections Canada to determine where he will serve his sentence.

“He’s a federal prisoner and so they’ll make a decision about where he goes from here,” Crowe said.

The date for an appeal hearing isn’t known yet, however Crowe said it would likely be scheduled for 2025.



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(4) Comments:

  1. Posted by 867 on

    Special constables should not be called officers. They have not undergone the rigorous training and serious background checks that regular uniformed rcmp officers have. This man is not a man and should not be called an officer.

    • Posted by Colin on

      Why would the Crown even think to lessen the sentence passed by the judge? Isn’t it obvious that communities need protection from people like that–by locking them up? For that reason the Supreme Court’s decision in Gladue needs to be disregarded (ethnicity-based lower sentences for the Indigenous).

      • Posted by John WP Murphy on

        The Crown isn’t appealing the sentence, the Defence is.

  2. Posted by alex on

    Good decision. Can’t let a predator, convicted criminal get a pass.


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