Iqaluit council approves funding for Sivumugiaq Street water main extension

Water main extension will bring piped water to city’s future operations centre

A motion has been passed by city council for EXP Services Inc. to do supervision and administration work on a watermain extension that will go to the city’s operations centre, which is currently under construction. (File photo)

By David Lochead

Iqaluit city council voted to spend $153,270 on supervision and administration work for the extension of a water main through Sivumugiaq Street (formerly Federal Road).

Councillors made the decision Tuesday during a meeting.

The water main extension is needed to bring piped water to the city’s operations centre, which is under construction near its public works garage.

Buildings along Sivumugiaq Street will also be able to connect to that water main extension.

The water main extension has passed its design phase and is under construction, but supervision and administration of the project is needed for this year, City of Iqaluit’s director of engineering and capital planning Sumon Ghosh told Nunatsiaq News.

The city has contracted EXP Services Inc. to do that supervision and administration. Since EXP Services did the design work for the extension, their familiarity with the project made it sensible to have the company do the supervision and administrative work, Ghosh said.

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  1. Posted by Not the Intent of the Federal Funding on

    Great! this is on top of the what 2.5 million they used from the Feds that is supposed to be used to “fix the infrastructure” Why are they being allowed to use this to hook up their own new building. This is not fixing existing crippled infrastructure of homes this is expanding the the cities own asset. That was not the intent of the federal money! The garage could have stayed on truck water while you get infrastructure fixed that impacts households!


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