Gas prices go up next week


The Nunavut government is pumping up the price of gas next week.

As of Oct. 1, people throughout the territory can expect to pay anywhere from 76.7¢ to 91.4¢ per litre of gas. In Resolute Bay, for example, gas will be 85.7¢ and in Chesterfield Inlet it will be 89.7¢.

That’s a lot more than Nunavummiut have been paying all summer.

On June 1, the government reduced gasoline prices by 33.3 per cent after it was discovered the gas was faulty. It was missing a key ingredient that keeps engines clean, and snowmobilers and boaters were experiencing a high number of breakdowns. In order to compensate for that, the GN reduced gas rates.

Now that the new supply of gasoline has arrived in the territory, the prices are going back to the regular rate.

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