George Berthe was elected treasurer of Makivik Corporation on Jan. 16. (Photo via Facebook)

George Berthe elected Makivik treasurer in Nunavik-wide vote

Inuit organization’s former secretary wins with 41 per cent of ballots cast

By Nunatsiaq News

With 925 votes, George Berthe was elected treasurer of Makivik Corp. in an election held on Jan. 16.

Berthe has a lengthy resumé, including executive director of the Tulattavik health centre in Kuujjuaq, president of Taqramiut Nipingat Inc., and interim president of the Kativik Municipal Housing Bureau.

He is also the former secretary of Makivik. He was first elected to this position in April 1998 and held it for four terms, until 2010.

Preliminary results show Berthe won 41 per cent of the vote in yesterday’s election, handily beating out his two opponents. Spoiled ballots made up less than a percentage point of the votes cast.

The incumbent, Andy Pirti, came in second place with 847 votes. Originally from Akulivik, Pirti started working for Makivik in 2005 and was elected treasurer in 2014.

Raymond Mickpegak, a former mayor of Kuujjuaraapik and its current representative on the Makivik board, received 453 votes.

According to numbers published by Makivik, only 25.64 per cent of eligible voters cast ballots. The highest voter turnouts were in Chisasibi, Kangiqsujuaq, Umiujaq and Kangiqsualujjuaq.

The call for nominations for the 2020 Makivik Universal Elections for treasurer, as well as for vice-president of environment, wildlife and research, closed on Dec. 2, 2019. The incumbent, Adamie Delisle Alaku, was acclaimed to the position of vice-president of environment, wildlife and research.

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(15) Comments:

  1. Posted by Colin on

    His CV only says what positions he’s held and not whether he has any real-world professional qualifications. How can anyone be treasurer of such a substantial business without having chartered accountants or equivalent qualifications? Am I missing something?

  2. Posted by Not Colin on

    Colin, the part I don’t think you quite get is elected versus non-elected position. Elected roles still can make decisions using their experiences as decision makers / and of course they can or not take advice from the CEO/ CAO / COO/ Executive / Director / Director of Finance.

  3. Posted by who that? on

    His tune really changed already when he was being interviewed by Tuttavik. Totally another person from last week.

  4. Posted by congratulations on

    Congratulations George! Ippiarummiusialutsaqattanialirivat. Looking forward to see you in your tours, like you stated in your campaign. Don’t forget to visit smaller towns

  5. Posted by Inuk Tire on

    Actually George new post is to be the director of the finances. It is not to be an accoutant. He will have to scutunize the works of his department, including reading spread sheets. Be sure to understand that his main function will be to direct, not crunch numbers.
    Also he was the guy who buckled under the bonus scandle. Others did not. They never did do the come clean with the people.
    I trust someone who honestly faced the people more than those who did not.

  6. Posted by In the repeal world on

    In the real world, outside of Nunavik, becoming a director of finance or director of anything, would require some type of higher education, like a degree, and don’t tell me, no , don’t, that George berthe got one. So , it’s down to the qualified inuk! That’s runs only that which has inuit concerns only. Maybe time has come to be qualified.

    • Posted by Prove by Studies on

      There are thousands of boards across Canada. You assertion is a he said matter. Prove what you said by offering one study that validates your comment.

      • Posted by Inuit are not getting ahead on

        Education is great, common sense is great too. Any , even the uneducated would know that qualified persons are essential to successfully running any organization. What makes inuit any different? You tell me. Or is it, that to be qualified to run an Inuit organization, all you need to be is inuk! That’s it that’s all. That’s not good. That the kind of thinking and behaviour that’s keeping Inuit from gaining any progression in the world. Education must be a major qualifier. As long as the society values those that are not educated. The longer it will take to be self determined.

        • Posted by Real World on

          I get it. There are no stats, studies, or research that prove board members or directors have to have Masters or any academic credentials.

          • Posted by Weird on

            That’s a weird comment. You’re basically stating that education is not important, or am I reading you wrong? All the stats, studies and research has been handed in Since about the 18th century indicating that very thing. It’s hard to believe that you could even be having a comment in this discussion.

  7. Posted by blah blah blah doers, commentate as you want on

    Yes, he is given a chance to run as Makivik Secretary Treasurer, only voters knows their trusts.

    Good luck George, you can do it, you will be supported with your new colleagues.

    And, I want to thank the previous treasurer, he had a great job, always being available too to help and support Inuit, you’ve done a hard work Andy, your work was true colours. You can always come back.


    • Posted by meh meh meh meh on

      Corporate secretary is total different role as Treasurer but looks like it doesn’t matter in the $500 million dollar corporation (figure announced during campaigning)

  8. Posted by Voter on

    How can we improve the voter turnout? If we can get it up to 60% at least that would be great!

    • Posted by maybe many people dislikes candidates, could be on

      many don’t like candidates, too much favouritisms, or taking into considerations, popularities too without knowing their abilities

  9. Posted by Oh my on

    This in my view speaks to the failure of the current governance structures in Nunavik,a game of musical chairs, the turn over is low, no civics classes are taught to encourage or explain the process, it is still an issue of coasts and familiesetc.. those in power know, pressure should be put on them to make elections in Nunavik a meaningful process, there are numerous examples of ways to do so.There should be an exterior election commission put in place to explore the possibilities

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