Global warming a load of “bull-crap”


We recently heard the big announcement about the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol. They decided to make the announcement here first because they say Nunavummiut will be the first to see the negative effects of global warming.

For the longest time, we have been hearing that the Earth’s temperature has been rising at an alarming rate, a rate so dangerous that the polar ice cap would melt prematurely in a couple hundred years, causing widespread flashfloods, hurricanes, world-wide famine and so on, thus ending mankind as we know it.

I would like to ask the well-informed public this question; by how many degrees Celsius has the world’s global temperature risen since the Industrial Revolution?

Is it (a) 1 degree Celsius; (b) 3 degrees (c) 5 degrees (d) none of the above?

The correct answer is d) none of the above. It has actually risen less than 1 degree Celsius — about half a degree since they started recording temperature.

But why, you ask, would the environmentalists be feeding us all this propaganda? The answer is simple, money. Scare the gullible public and get them on your side to make it a political issue, and then lobby the politicians for money.

After all is said and done, we will be paying too much for something that man has no control of.

Chris Pudlat
Cape Dorset

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