GN offices in Coral Harbour closed due to blizzard

Wind gusting up to 80 kilometres an hour, blizzard expected to end in afternoon

Government of Nunavut offices in Coral Harbour are closed Tuesday due to a blizzard that is bringing gusts up to 80 km per hour and a windchill of -48 C. The blizzard is expected to end in the afternoon, Environment Canada stated. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

The Government of Nunavut closed its offices in Coral Harbour on Tuesday due to blizzard-like conditions, the GN human resources department announced.

According to Environment Canada, wind gusts range from 50 km per hour to 80 km per hour with a windchill near -48 C.

Frostbite will occur in minutes in those conditions, the agency warned.

In its alert, Environment Canada reported blizzard warnings are issued when widespread reduced visibility of 400 metres or less is expected for at least six hours.

The blizzard is expected to subside in the afternoon, with the rest of the week expected to be mostly sunny. The GN advised people to monitor its social media pages or listen to local radio for updates.


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(6) Comments:

  1. Posted by Confused on

    And here we close at 90 km/h and -50 near 0 visibility 🙁

    • Posted by John K on

      If people in Iqaluit get too many blizzard days then GN employees in communities might have to actually work.

      The Territory’s engine can’t catch a break because Nunavut would fall apart.

      • Posted by John OK on

        Please, Iqaluit can barely look after itself. Also, Iqaluit does not care about anyone else but Iqaluit.

        • Posted by John Don’t Kare on

          Why would we?

  2. Posted by news day on

    Tell me it’s a slow news day without telling me it’s a slow news day.

    • Posted by John K on

      I love slow news days.

      No news is good news.


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