GN warns of chickenpox in Arviat

Health Department advising people with symptoms to stay home until no longer contagious

The varicella zoster virus, shown here under an electron microscope, is the virus that causes chickenpox. The Nunavut Department of Health is advising people in Arviat to be aware of a rise in chicken pox cases in the community. (Image courtesy of National Institutes of Health via Wikimedia Commons)

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavut’s Department of Health is warning people in Arviat of an increase in chickenpox cases reported in the community.

In a public health advisory Friday, it advises people to take steps to prevent the spread of the illness, which can be serious for babies, adults and especially pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems who have not been vaccinated or previously had chickenpox.

Signs and symptoms of chickenpox can include a fever, loss of appetite, and tiredness. It causes an itchy rash and red spots or blisters on the body.

Spots appear on infected people’s skin every day for five to seven days, and usually take one to two days to go through all of the stages from blistering to drying out and crusting over, according to the advisory.

To stop the spread, the department is advising people to avoid contact with others who have chickenpox and are in the contagious stage. People who are contagious are asked to stay home until spots are no longer contagious.

As well, pregnant women who have chickenpox are asked to go to their health centre as the disease poses a risk to unborn babies.

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(7) Comments:

    • Posted by research on

      why, so we can end up with shingles when adults? Get the pox, some tylenol, and calamine lotion and get it over with. Best for the log term!

      • Posted by Visitor of the North on

        I got chickenpox as a child, no vaccine. As an adult I got the shingles .
        Getting vaccinated for chickenpox doesn’t give you shingles.

        • Posted by research on

          Shingles happens when the resistance from the shot or infection wanes. The antibodies from the actual infection last longer than those from the vaccine. If you got both, then you are one of the few.

          • Posted by Misinformation on

            Media outlets need to stop allowing people with no knowledge on medical issues to spread lies and misinformation. You are putting people’s health at risk by allowing people like this to make these distorted claims that are incomplete, all out lies, or cherry picked information. There comes a point where people like this are causing harm and you as a medic outlet are facilitating that harm. But whatever gets clicks I guess.

            • Posted by curious on

              So besides blatant defamation, what is your counter? Any information to share? What is the risk that is being exposed? I am curious what actual points you may have… if any.

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