GN ignores Nunavut Inuit in the South


Thank you to Bryan Pearson for bringing up the issue of the “when-Nunavut-Inuit-die-in-the-south-let-them-rot” kind of attitude that the Nunavut government has.

Of course we don’t live in Nunavut so why the heck should the Nunavut government take care of us? If Nunavut government would like to keep the Inuit in Nunavut, they should provide adequate housing for everybody instead of having 10 people living in a single family home. No wonder there is a return of head lice and tuberculosis.

The Nunavut government will not pay for any education funding for me, when I apply, I get directed to some idiots who don’t really care about someone applying for funding from Winnipeg. Without education, I cannot make enough money to get insurance for my burial, people like me live from pay-day to pay-day, never mind worrying about how I am going to be buried.

Leaders of the Nunavut government, don’t put this letter aside until you’ve walked in my shoes. After many contacts in trying to get some funding for my schooling, I gave up on the Nunavut government. I was in school, I could not afford to complete it, and after I was forced to quit it, I got $600 in the mail. I applied for funding in July of 2005, I got the $600 in February of 2006, long after I had to quit my schooling. Dealing with Nunavut last year was a joke.

A couple of months ago, I dealt with INAC to find out if some kind of burial assistance were available through them when Nunavut Inuit die in the south. There is none.

It’s about time the Nunavut government leaders start holding all their meetings only in Nunavut, and quit flying here and there for every little item that has to be taken care of that can easily be taken care of by telephone or teleconference.

Heaven knows, many of you already have enough in benefits to take care of you in your lifetime.

My headache is gone. Thank you Bryan.

Martha Peet

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