Gov. Gen. Mary Simon is going home

Next week’s visit to four Nunavik communities is her first since taking the vice-regal post last year

Gov. Gen. Mary Simon, seen here speaking in Ottawa in November, is set to travel to Nunavik from May 8 to 13. (Photo by Jeff Pelletier)

By Jeff Pelletier - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Gov. Gen. Mary Simon and her husband, Whit Fraser, will travel to four Nunavik communities in a tour through the North next week.

The trip will be Simon’s first visit to her place of birth and her home community since she became Governor General last July.

Rideau Hall published her itinerary in a media advisory Thursday evening.

Simon, Canada’s first Indigenous governor general, is scheduled to spend a day in Kangiqsualujjuaq, where she was born, but will be spending most of her time in her hometown of Kuujjuaq, according to the official itinerary.

On May 9, she is scheduled to visit the Isuarsivik Recovery Centre, Jaanimmarik High School and the Tusaajiapik Elders’ Home. Her agenda includes a meeting with Kuujjuaq Mayor Mary Johannes and Inuit landholders.

On May 10, Simon is set to travel to Kangiqsualujjuaq where she will meet with local officials and Ulluriaq School students, attend a community gathering and cultural performances, and visit a family home and the Kuururjuaq national park visitor centre.

On May 11, she will fly to Kangiqsujuaq, where she will meet with students at Arsaniq School, the mayor and elders. She will also attend a cultural performance and visit Pingualuit National Park. She and her staff will then fly to Inukjuak and spend the night in the community.

On May 12, she will meet with Inukjuak’s mayor, students and the Unaaq Men’s Association. She will also attend a cultural performance, as well as a feast at the Sirivik Food Centre.

On May 13, the final day of the trip, Simon will spend the day back in Kuujjuaq where she will visit Kajusivik Adult Education.

Simon’s appointment was historic as the first Indigenous governor general. Her installation came six months after her predecessor, Julie Payette, resigned from the office following a workplace harassment investigation.


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  1. Posted by Kuujjuamiuk on

    Hope , her excellency drops by , the lounge , when she s home , so i can buy her a cold one.

    • Posted by What about coop? on

      I hope she drops by the coop store to see the 4 o’clock circus out front in desperate desire to escape reality. It’s too bad the planned beer and wine entrance wasn’t put out of sight behind the store at least. I’m sure anyone coming home will express shame and disappointment to see the ruins of traditional ways, over and over like reruns forever at 4 o’clock daily.

      • Posted by HOMER on

        I don t do Co-op , I do Turenne and S.A.Q.

      • Posted by Louisa nunavvimi on

        You sound like a disgruntled ‘one of lost’ souls who lost reality. C’mon local beer and wine sales are just like any other Canadian corner store, ‘escape reality’ you sound like one of them, but only a ‘dry drunk’ go get mental help yourself to get out of extreme self pity.

        • Posted by Disgusting on

          If I ever had to put myself do low as to get in a line up at the coop, I would not touch a drink. It’s absolutely disgusting to witness the lost souls who are destroying their lives starting at 4 o’clock daily. Never would you see that anywhere. The same desperation that continues to jail, to hospital to court, losing kids at dyp. It’s like nothing else matters. Little kids in tow, crying for a chocolate vain. The mental health of the party has no insight. It’s a unique maddening situation.

        • Posted by Corner store on

          I’m sure the Governor General knows about that busy store , turn very busy corner store at designated times. A regular store transformed into a medicated dispenser later funding the Quebec law society and keeping employment strong at local nursing and health centres. Also contributing to foster home candidates.

        • Posted by Mentally healthy corner store on

          I didn’t know the coop store was a corner store. If anything, I would have guessed beer store that allow kids in with parents. But it’s an important corner store. It’s generating lots of profit for Fcnq. It’s supplying lots and lots can of beer and wine. Without which, life would be so boring in the north. There’s ready not much of a life otherwise. Pick up a case of beer, heading home, or out to the blind. It’s beer and wine that Keeps the sanity. Learning about cultural activities today, we never yet caught up with including the coops important role in community living.

          • Posted by Inuk from Nunavik on

            I drink on weekends , not into hunting and fishing. Just eat , sleep , shit , work and pay bills. Not a hell of a lot to do in a small hick down.

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