Governments deserve praise for syllabic materials


I think a huge vote of appreciation is due to all those Government departments and agencies who work diligently to insure that information materials are available in English, Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun and French across Nunavut.

This morning I went looking for teaching materials for young adults working to enhance their abilities in syllabics.

Visits to just two Government of Nunavut offices and one federal government office here in Iqaluit turned up class sets or partial class sets of more than a dozen different 100 per cent syllabic orthography Inuktitut documents.

The business plans of the Government of Nunavut are available in syllabics either in hard copy or on line. The business plans run to nearly 350 pages. For anyone studying Inuktitut what a fantastic resource for both the study of the syllabics orthography and the information content of this document.

I hope our teachers working at the senior high school level are aware that the Government of Nunavut and Canada are wonderful resources for materials in the languages of Nunavut. Best of all, these are prepared for adults, so are very suitable for use with our older high school students and are available free for the asking!

Thanks for this continued commitment to the preparation of these materials by our territorial and federal governments!

T. Bert Rose

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