Grade 12 graduate makes history in Taloyoak

Only student to graduate this year, and first to graduate from academic stream



Isabelle Takolik may have felt a bit lonely during her Grade 12 graduation this past spring, but family, friends, and faculty members were there to cheer her on as Taloyoak’s only high school graduate this year – and the first student to graduate at the advanced level of studies from Netsilik School.

Takolik, 17, credits her teachers, Debra and Peter Maguire, and friends and family for helping her get through it. “They told me to study,” says Takolik, “to go to school every day, to wake up.”

Takolik was following in the footsteps of her older sister Sally, one of the first Grade 12 graduates from Netsilik School.

After battling through Alberta departmentals and final exams, Takolik is happy to have the summer to enjoy her hobbies, reading magazines, hanging out with friends and listening to music, before taking on her next academic challenge, Nunavut Sivunuksavut in Ottawa. Her career goals may involve nursing, but at this point, she’s keeping her options open.

Gina Pizzo, the principal of Netsilik School, says she knew Takolik would do well. “She’s always been a really good student, all through her school history. She’s always been a really dedicated student, does her homework, and quite focused on her work. So, it shouldn’t really surprise anybody that she was able to do this, and at such a young age.”

Takolik says: “To be graduating at an advanced level, to be one of the first students, it feels really good, and I hope most of the other students follow in my footsteps.”

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