Greenland calls for change


Greenland is reeling following revelations of widespread sexual abuse on the island, which were contained in a report released earlier this month, called “The well-being of young people in 2004.”

Greenland’s minister for health, Asii Chemnitz Narup, said is concerned about the situation.

“I think, that too many chidren are sexually abused, and too many adults, who ought to help them, but are only silent and hide it,” she told KNR news.

The report was based on a survey conducted in 2004 in seven towns in Greenland and included more than 500 students at schools in Grades 10 and 11.

After the report’s release Agnethe Davidsen, the mayor of Nuuk, told the newspaper AG that municipalities don’t have the resources to handle the fight against the sexual abuse of children.

“I am very shocked that every fourth girl and every eleventh boy has been exposed to sexual abuse,” Davidsen told AG.

As the home rule government’s legislative assembly session was to get underway last week, Premier Hans Enoksen urged Greenlanders to change.

“We all say by common assent that our children and youth are future of Greenland. Let us help each other, so that our children and youth have better attitude than us. Let us be united to show that it’s possible to live in a good way, and let us exchange that bad way of living, unhealthy and sad way of living with a healthy way of living which creates joy,” Enoksen said in his opening speech to the legislature.

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