Greenland university seeks support


Greenland wants its own full-fledged university, but the project’s price tag of around $8.5 million has sent fundraisers to Europe and North America in search of money.

The future University of Greenland would also include a School of Journalism, School of Social Work, a Language Secretariat, the National Archive and Statistics Greenland.

Marianne Stenbaek, a McGill University instructor, has trawled the U.S. and Canada, asking 150 foundations for assistance in realizing this ambitious project.

Two foundations in North America have already shown interest in helping out — the U.S.-based Kresgee Foundation and Canada’s Bombardier Foundation.

Stenbaek admitted there still is long way to go before an Ilimmarfik University in Nuuk becomes a reality, but she said a new focus on Greenland in Washington D.C. may help raise more money for the project.

“The interest for Arctic studies about the environment, pollution, global warming, culture, society and communications is increasing,” Stenbaek told KNR radio in Greenland.

The Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. may mount a special exhibition on Greenland, highlighting Greenland’s national clothing and featuring Greenlandic theatre, dancers and musicians.

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