Greenland’s Santa Claus back in business


After the news that the Santa Claus post office in Nuuk wouldn’t have enough money to answer all the letters it receives, the Nuuk tourism office and the Santa Claus foundation, along with volunteers in Århus, Denmark, decided to join forces and answer the 50,000 letters Santa will receive before Christmas.

Nuuk’s Santa Claus has already been busy. To date, he’s answered more than 8,000 letters from all over the world, the director of Nuuk Tourism, Flemming Nicolaisen, told Siku News.

Nicolaisen said he has been overwhelmed by expressions of concern over the financial situation of Santa Claus in Nuuk. Many journalists called him to talk about why Greenland’s government doesn’t support the Santa Claus Foundation and whether this would mean Santa Claus couldn’t answer all his letters.

This past weekend, everything was back to normal at Santa’s shop in Nuuk where visitors can buy Christmas items, meet Santa Claus and sample the traditional Christmas treats of spiced wine, called jule-gløg, and small cakes.

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