Going fishing with familiy members is a Nunavut tradition that Sarah Saumik says she enjoys. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Saumik)

‘Having tea n’ being with families’

‘My Corner of Our Land’ – Nunatsiaq News readers reflect on Nunavut Day

By Sarah Saumik,
Special to Nunatsiaq News

With Nunavut Day coming up, Nunatsiaq News asked readers to share what makes their corner of the territory special to them.

Going fishing, to be with families. Going to the cod derby out in the land. Having fun. Enjoying the weather n’ having tea outside n’ being with families in May every year.

Tried catching the biggest cod. Next thing you catch it in the stomach n’ looks so heavy n’ when u pull it out and it’s really tiny and start laughing. Fun fun fun. Enjoy.

Sarah Saumik lives in Nunavut.

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