Nunavik’s health board reminds residents to keep their distance

Even outdoor gatherings should be limited to members of a household, board says

The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services is reminding Nunavimmiut to respect guidelines for social distancing. (Photo by Elaine Anselmi)

By Nunatsiaq News

The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services is doubling down on its call to restrict all social gatherings, after a case of the novel coronavirus was confirmed in Salluit over the weekend.

“Nunavimmiut should realize and remember that everyone, including healthy adults, youth and children, are at risk of catching and transmitting COVID-19,” said Minnie Grey, executive director of the health board, in a March 30 news release.

“It is through social distancing that we can best protect one another, even if it means cancelling events that are important to us as a community.”

Public spaces have been closed across Nunavik, and the health board said all gatherings, including church services, weddings, birthday parties and funerals should be cancelled.

In the case of funerals, people are advised to contact the health board for guidance on how to proceed.

Even gatherings between families should be cancelled, the board said. This is particularly important when family members are elders or infants, or have compromised immune systems.

Even outdoor gatherings, the board said, should be limited to members of a household.

“These measures are in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the most vulnerable in the communities. They are at a higher risk of developing complications,” said Marie Rochette, director of public health for the region.

“The only way to achieve this is by collectively avoiding physical contact with one another as much as possible.”

On March 29, a mandatory curfew was put in place for the entire Nunavik region by Jean-Pierre Larose, chief of the Kativik Regional Police Force and director of public security.

The curfew is in place from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.

In addition, all travel between communities, including by snowmobile, has been banned.

“The fewer the contacts between the residents of the different communities, the more chances residents will give themselves to limit the virus from spreading,” states the news release.

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(12) Comments:

  1. Posted by Concern Sovereign on

    Krpf constables giving out court appearance papers for court due for the month of April entering and communicating with locals in their residence looks like a perfect tool to spread the c-virus at the same time not wearing proper viruses protection gear and not even respecting 6 foot distance looks to me they may be super spreading the virus

    • Posted by Good guys on

      Yes, krpf are one of our front line workers in this crisis. They are not going to stop their duty in their goal to put the idiots away in jail. That still got to be done. I suggest you start preaching you ideas to those idiots that are making it necessary for the police to have to visit a house in the first place .

      • Posted by Concern Sovereign on

        Oh like they know the courts will proceed in April 29th do the math do you think the crown should held a large public gatherings even before the peak of this pandemic, your calculations are idiotic

        • Posted by Your court without a gathering on

          What you going to court for April 29? Surely there can be a court for you , they’ll keep 2/meters away, and if found you need to go to jail, it’ll be one less person in Nunavik to worry about spreading the virus.

          • Posted by Concern Sovereign on

            I hope the courts really do come a put the old age judge in range of the virus will show the hole world how disfunctional the system is thank you

            • Posted by Concerned community on

              Sounds like you are a committee member. Yes, your education appears to be of such a member. Let me remind you the party is over. We will meet, be no more. Soon too, your alcohol will be no more, so you will not have to worry about an old judge or a young one. You will live in peace, and so will those you bother when you drink.

  2. Posted by What about Co-op lineups on

    Did anyone from the healthcare go see the incredible lineup for beer at the Kuujjuaq co-op? The line spread across the parking lot, and it looked like people were not respecting distance. This same lineup happens Monday Wednesday and Friday. Lots of cash handling too, many without bank cards.

    • Posted by It’s going to be bad on

      It’s going to hit hard in places where people are still together. The line up for beer is one of the weakest links in Kuujjuaq. I’m concerned that if something is not done to stop this line up three days a week, continues for several hours each day from four to 7, this will devastate Kuujjuaq. This is preventable, as we have seem throughout areas that were more affected, it comes down to tighten up , thereby lessening the impact. Kuujjuaq maybe in for major impact.

  3. Posted by Calling on the health and social services on

    Calling on the health and social services to act now with the out of control situation at the Kuujjuaq co-op for beer lines. Please act now before it’s too late.

  4. Posted by When it’s over on

    There’s hope that we will endure and get our lives back. There will be lots of stories of people on the front lines, and just everyday folks helping. I don’t want to have a story of how I got my beer at the co-op by braving the crowds. But for some, that will be their greatest story post pandemic.

  5. Posted by Example to follow on

    Puvirnituq has stopped beer and wine sales in the community, congratulations pov. This is an example for kuujjuaq to follow. Getting people to take a break from alcohol will be very beneficial anyway. I know some people are saying that alcohol will still be available from bootleggers, but even if so, there will be far less. Plus I’m thinking bootlegger is at present time crippling in his economic as cargo is more restricted in a big sense, bootlegger is not happy, and not he’s not as much a threat . Calling on kuujjuaq to shut the beer sales at co-op.

  6. Posted by Canadian rangers on

    The Canadian Rangers are being deployed to Nunavik. They had been in isolation as part of the preparation before deployment. That’s good that they are coming to Nunavik, I guess. We need to hope that their coming won’t be a weak spot for the bringing of the virus. After world war 1 , during the 1918 flu pandemic, Canadian military! Unknowingly help spread the virus across the country. Everything we do that’s good , got it’s risk. We need to stay home away from people as much as possible, or go out on the land, and isolate there , only families together, no mixing with others.

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