Help keep kids in school, IDEA asks


The Iqaluit District Education Authority wants parents — and businesses — to do their part in making sure that children go to school.

Christa Kunuk, the chair of Iqaluit’s education body, said in a press release that growing numbers of students are either non-attenders, or have very poor attendance, and that far too many children are missing school.

While saying that parents have a responsibility to make sure their children get to school, she said Iqaluit businesses shouldn’t let kids hang around their premises during school hours.

“I am asking business owners to please ensure that children are not encouraged to hang out in coffee shops, stores, malls or other public places during the day,” Kunuk said.

Iqaluit resident Wayne Moore suggested the campaign at a public meeting on the new Education Act Oct. 26.

“I think this is something that’s achievable,” Moore said. “I think that would work.”

Meanwhile, Jeannie Eeseemailee has been appointed to the education authority, filling a spot vacated by Aseena Allurut, who resigned because of other commitments.

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