Housing crisis growing in Greenland


According to the Greenlandic radio network KNR, the long waiting list for housing in Greenland is getting even longer.

There are now 4,250 people waiting for housing in Greenland municipalities, some of whom will wait for more than 10 years before finding a place to live.

The number of people waiting for housing has gone up by 465 since last year. About half of those on the list were born between 1967 and 1983. When younger Greenlanders start to look for housing, the INI [the Greenland Housing Company] expects the need for housing to rise even further.

In Nuuk alone, some 2,000 people are waiting for housing, while Sisimiut’s list has more than 500 names.

Even the smaller municipalities have waiting lists for housing. In Narsaq, there are 122 names on waiting the list, while in the eastern Greenland community of Tasiilaq, about 100 people are still waiting for housing.

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