IDEA wants to take fees for fundraising


Earlier this month, the Iqaluit District Education Authority put Trudy Pettigrew of the Qikiqtani School Operations on notice that the IDEA may soon impose a five per cent administration fee on all locally-raised funds in order to avoid running a deficit.

The IDEA anticipates a deficit of $40,000 this year, to pay the salary of a finance officer, which is not covered by regular Government of Nunavut funding, said IDEA member Katherine Trumper at a meeting on Feb. 20.

In the past, the IDEA has been able to find that money by taking five per cent from specific government contributions for programs the IDEA administers. Now, that funding has dried up.

The IDEA proposes to pay for its finance officer by taking five per cent of all locally-raised funds, with the exception of registration fees raised by students.

The IDEA finance officer handles roughly $600,000 every year in transactions it handles on behalf of Qikiqtani School Operations, such as hiring substitute teachers. The IDEA is now awaiting a response from QSO.

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