Igloolik middle school to reopen early next week following fuel leak

Ventilation, remediation has been underway since leak discovered on Christmas Eve

Sivuniit Middle School in Igloolik has been closed for three weeks due to a fuel spill, a CGS spokesperson said Friday. The school is set to reopen sometime early next week after cleanup finishes. (File photo by Dustin Patar)

By Madalyn Howitt

Sivuniit Middle School in Igloolik is on track to reopen by early next week, a GN spokesperson says, after a fuel leak shuttered the school on Christmas Eve.

A fuel spill was discovered in the mechanical room of the school on the evening of Dec. 24 during a building check, Community and Government Services Department spokesperson Hala Duale said.

“The cause of the spill was a malfunctioning float which allowed the pump to overfill the tank,” Duale said.

The current estimate of the spill is approximately 1,200 litres, but local staff are doing further assessment to confirm, she said.

Since the holiday break, a temporary solution has been used to maintain classes for Sivuniit students, Duale said. Middle school and high school students are sharing the Iglulik High School building and attending on alternate days: one day on, one day off.

On the off day, students are given learning packages to work on at home, Duale said. After-school gym activities are being provided on off days.

The school is being ventilated with two fans as well as the air handling unit system to remove any residual fuel smell.

Additionally, “an environmental contract firm will be on site to assess the damage and start remediation,” Duale said.

The department estimates the school will be operational by the end of the week or early next week.


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