Illegal market thrives during liquor strike


Quebec’s provincially-owned liquor sales corporation, the Société des alcohols du Québec, has been on strike for weeks, reducing the flow of booze into Nunavik.

But grocery stores in southern Quebec and bootleggers have been picking up the slack, while drug dealers continue to bring marijuana and cocaine into the region.

According to police, boxes of all sorts have arrived, stuffed with booze and drugs, and sometimes they’re packed with cash to send back South: in one community, $12,000 was recently found, crammed into a detergent box.

On Dec. 15, the Kativik Regional Police seized a kilo of marijuana, a small quantity of cocaine and six cases of spirits bound for Nunavik, the largest of several seizures over the holidays.

Over the next few weeks, the KRPF plans to bring in a police dog from the First Nations community of Listigouche to assist with its seizures of drugs.

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