In loving memory of Napatchie Noah


The Noah family would like to thank everyone for being so kind, showing sympathy and gratitude in our time of hardship in losing our loved one.

We would also like to thank the women’s shelter, the Tammaativvik Boarding Home and the people of Iqaluit who kept bringing food to us.

A heartfelt thank-you to the relatives who arrived from other communities to attend the funeral, especially the elders who gave us words of advice and to Bryan R. Pearson for all of his assistance with the funeral service.

Napatchie Noah will be remembered for the loving, patient, gentle devoted father, uncle, brother, grandfather and friend he was. As well as by the wonderful artist he was – we were blessed to have known him.

I’d just like to comment on one more thing I will definitely miss about my father: I will miss seeing him driving around in his grey little car at 10 miles an hour holding up traffic in the midst of rush hour.

Tuja Noah

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