Inmate found guilty of sexually assaulting BCC employee


Jimmy Partridge, 36, awaits sentencing after Justice Robert Kilpatrick found him guilty on Feb. 20 of sexually assaulting a Baffin Correctional Centre guard.

Partridge grabbed the guard’s buttock before leaving the facility’s smoke room on March 22, 2001. He was in custody awaiting trail on another matter.

Partridge never denied grabbing the guard’s bottom. He testified, though, that the action was not of a sexual nature. “I only wanted to aggravate [the guard] and piss [the guard] off,” Partridge said.

Kilpatrik ruled that even though the gesture was not done for Partridge’s sexual satisfaction, the assault was nonetheless a violation of the guard’s “sexual integrity.”

“There is no doubt the complainant was upset,” Kilpatrick said.

Partridge appeared in court wearing grey baggy sweat pants and a wrinkled cotton t-shirt. He appeared distracted — repeatedly scratching his thinning chair and fidgeting in his seat.

Sentencing is set for March 7.

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