Iqaluit brewery looks to expand liquor licence

NuBrew wants to serve wine and spirits

A Nunavut Brewing Company customer pours a glass of the brewery’s Floe Edge lager. The Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission is looking for public feedback on the Iqaluit brewery’s plans to expand its liquor licence. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

The Nunavut Brewing Company wants to serve wine and spirits on top of the beer it brews, and the Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission is looking for public feedback on the proposal.

The brewery, commonly known as NuBrew, applied to the liquor board to change its liquor licence from a brew pub designation to a cocktail lounge, the board announced in a public service announcement Friday.

Nunavut Brewing’s brew pub, which is the only business of its kind operating in Nunavut, opened to the public in 2018.

Anybody who wants to provide feedback on the proposed change to the brewery’s liquor licence can contact the liquor board.

Comments must be submitted by Aug. 23.

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(18) Comments:

  1. Posted by Adam Wynne on

    Are these products available in Ontario?

  2. Posted by Concerning on

    This will be an extra cost on the tax payers as more police presence and bylaw will be required. The amount of drinking and driving will increase in the area because people think they are invincible when they drink.
    When you look at the vehicles and the damage on them from hitting snow banks and sea containers its only a matter of time before a person gets hit and killed.
    The owners are too big to speak against, I would doubt anyone would object publicly.

    • Posted by MJ on

      I doubt that, most patrons who go to NuBrew are there for a couple of drinks and to socialize away from the “locals” who get drunk off Budweiser and start trouble in town bars. I support NuBrews success and can see way more positives than negatives. They have maintained a rather clean and professional standard in town.

      Linking crashed snow banks to adding cocktails to their menu is so random I don’t even know how to comment on it.

      • Posted by Calm on

        True. I go to NuBrew, but I won’t set foot in the bars in town because too many people are there just to get falling down drunk. I have enjoyed NuBrew because it’s far enough away from the other gross places and it’s fun but calm. I have yet to be there when someone has been visibly drunk.

        • Posted by John K on

          I have found myself quite drunk there before. But if anything, that was from not being used to actually enjoying a bar and I overdid it a bit.

          • Posted by Calm on

            Lol, I guess my point was, the atmosphere is a lot different from the bars in town. At least, that’s what my experience has been. I’ve never seen fights or people getting thrown out or people ordering two drinks at a time and throwing them back as fast as they can to get drunk faster. It reminds me of a neighborhood pub as opposed to a club or dirty bar.

      • Posted by Igloo builder on

        Molson Dry, actually.

  3. Posted by John W Paul Murphy on

    Is anyone in Iqaluit surprised this is happening?

    • Posted by Harry on

      No. It’s how everything gets forced on the community.
      First you get a toe in and then take the whole bath.

      They were never supposed to run a full bar out there. It’s supposed to be a brewery with a “tasting lounge”. Now we have a Mayor who is vocally in favour of more alcohol being freely available we can expect the NuBrew gang to get whatever they want.

      I don’t support development by subterfuge. It has a long and sordid tradition in Iqaluit.

      • Posted by Jack Napier on

        How do you know Harry? You’re not even from here.

      • Posted by 100% on

        What started as a production facility, becomes an establishment with a tasting room, tries to become a full-on drinking place. Subterfuge is exactly right. Incrementalism by powerful old boys. Always getting what they want.

    • Posted by Cash Grab on

      The rich want to get richer. Probably in their plan all along.

      • Posted by Huh? on

        Perhaps its more “those that work hard, have a good business plan, and follow the rules grow their business and make money”. Grow up. Work hard. Succeed. Stop moaning cause someone else did exactly that.

  4. Posted by John K on

    So much fear mongering.

    I’m still waiting for the Beer and Wine Store apocalypse not to mention the FIRST brewery apocalypse that I was promised.

    I think I may have been sold a bill of goods.

    • Posted by Public Drunkenness on

      The high rate of drunks in public, daily, is apocalyptic enough for me.

  5. Posted by Wayne on

    Come on now, blaming them on drunk drivers. Every bar in town has a full parkin lot that empties after last call. The problem is zero enforcement.
    People have no issues with the hug and slug next to the beer store, whats the problem?

  6. Posted by concerned on

    how many drinking establishments have opened here in Iqaluit? and how many rehabilitations facilities? or at least somewhere where our kids can go and hang out without being offered any drinks or maybe it’s from other teenagers who get an adult to buy them beers. yes, get rich quick and no thought about what the consequences are, yeah, yeah, you guys are responsible alcoholics but sadly there are alot of people who cannot stop because it is so readily available. you are all i need another quiet place to drink because the one we supported is too loud now or too many drunks. stop whining, open your eyes and stop opening these drinking establishments, there is more than enough bars or at least drinking places, help support everyone to try and get better.

  7. Posted by Scenic on

    Ah yes, I cannot wait to be able to have spirits there, and enjoy the scenery around the brewery. The lovely toxic waste dump directly across from it, the wonderful smell of the sewage lagoon on a nice summer evening. The glistening sun on the junk yard of vehicles and sea cans surrounding it. The sounds of 40 “traditional” sled dogs howling all owned by white and French people. I wonder why they have not re-opened the food truck this season? I am surprised they are allowed to have any type of food preparation in an area with so many dangerous and toxic chemicals, at Qikitalluk environmental. I guess its who you pay off to be allowed permits from the municipality that counts.


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