Iqaluit takes Pride in its crosswalks

Jill Bonnet, (left), Tess Thurber, Patricia MacNeil and Romeyn Stevenson paint a colourful crosswalk in front of Joamie Ilinniarvik School in Iqaluit on Sunday. The crosswalk is one of three painted across the city, as part of a school-led initiative for Pride Month, in support of the LGTBQ community. (Photo by David Lochead)

By David Lochead

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  1. Posted by Consistency on

    If this was in Iglulik they would need to paint the rainbow down the middle of the street where we really walk. 🙂

    • Posted by John W Paul Murphy on

      Actually, that applies to Iqaluit as well. No pedestrian in Iqaluit knows what a crosswalk is for.

      • Posted by still here on

        if you will move out of the way of a polar bear, you can move out of the way for a car. People walk in the middle of the street are ignorant fools with no respect for there own lives or respect for the drivers trying to be safe, maybe those people should move to a town that has no roads

  2. Posted by NTeh on

    Nice to see someone from the union doing something


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