Iqaluit to get second post office

Half of city’s Canada Post customers to move to new location after it opens next year

Iqaluit will see a new Canada Post location open next year after an increase in online shopping, the Crown corporation said Tuesday. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Iqaluit is getting a second full-service post office.

The city of about 8,000 will see the new location open next year, Canada Post announced in a news release Tuesday. It will be a full-service post office in the Astro Hill complex.

“Creating a second post office is a response to sustained growth in online shopping in the community,” the release said.

Half of the city’s Canada Post customers will have their mail and P.O. Box addresses transferred, once boundary areas are determined.

The parcel pickup facility at 1057 Mivvik St. will also close as a result of the additional office downtown.

Iqaluit has seen lineups and delays in its postal service for years, with the post office often putting out notices asking people to pick up parcels because it’s at capacity.

Canada Post said it worked with Iqaluit Mayor Kenny Bell and former deputy mayor Janet Pitsiulaaq Brewster to find the location for the new office.

“Our community has a clear need for this, and we’re glad to see the project begin to come to fruition,” Bell said in the release.

“Our residents see the need for it and they will welcome it.”

More details on when the office will open will be shared as plans are finalized, Canada Post said.

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(41) Comments:

  1. Posted by Mayor Bell best thing that happened to Nunastar on

    Between the big property tax break to Nunastar this year and exemptions for the minimum parking spaces for the expansion to Astro Hil and now the Mayor bringing federal rental clients to them Ed Romanowski must be very happy with Mayor Bell! I wonder if the Canada post space went to public tender? Shouldn’t the city be working with all businesses not just its best buddy Nunastar?

    • Posted by worried? on

      I hate to break the news but it’s not really up to the City of Iqaluit where Canada Post wants to open a location. It may require the City’s approval but at the end of the day, it’s up to Canada Post where they want to operate. It’s also up to Nunastar who their tenants are.

    • Posted by Oh me, oh my! on

      Why would the space need to go to tender that the City needs to be involved in? Its a private building and the new tenant is a federal entity – so nothing that the City needs to be involved in outside of ensuring that proper zoning has been met.

      • Posted by Why did the City play match maker? on

        Canada Post is a Crown corporation owned by the federal government. So should it not follow Federal public tenders for leasing space?

        Not sure why the City is pushing Astro Hill as the landlord. Seems like the City is getting very cozy with Nunastar……

        • Posted by Southerner in the North on

          There were ads for “expression of interest’ in providing new post office space last year. As per Government of Canada procurement rules. The ads were on this very website.

        • Posted by Oh me, oh my! on

          @Why did the City play match maker?
          Almost every city does this as it helps their local economy with better services and job creation. Bell/Brewster heard complaints from their constituents and opted to work with the federal agency to offer a solution. It may seem that AH is being “pushed” by City Council, but where else is there a large enough space that is available to handle the post office needs? I’ll save you the time of not doing the research (like you did with your initial post) – there isn’t any.

    • Posted by Think About It on

      The wind blows from the East and knocks over someone’s patio furniture; must be Mayor Bell’s fault. I mean I’m no Kenny fan, but keep blaming him for everything including things that are completely out of the City’s control and you will end up sounding like the American news media

      • Posted by Read the Quote on

        The article clearly said it worked with the Mayor on this. Why is Canada post working with a Mayor to secure a lease agreement for the new location? This seems very odd, how many other Canada post leases in Canada involve the Mayor? Seems like Kenny is just pushing lucrative leases for his buddies.

    • Posted by Iqaluit Resident on

      Oh, you must have lost the bid or what to write such hateful message…
      1- Mayor Bell (with all his faults) has done nothing but great things for the city of Iqaluit since he became a Mayor – if you do not see them – you must be blind
      2- It is about time we start celebrating the success of our big(er) corporations (Nunastar being one of them) who pay ton of taxes, employ hundreds of people in town and give hundreds of thousands to charity every year – if you don’t see that – you must be blind
      3- The reason (probably) Canada Post chose Nunastar to work with is because they are the only game in town that can actually build and operate a professional facility – look at the new Supermarket, offices above it, Theater, Frobisher Inn, the new building being build down the road- if you don’t see that – you must be blind
      It is time for the bind to start seeing and celebrate success for what it is – success for us all here in Iqaluit … with all due respect to you of course …

      • Posted by Maq-Pat on

        1- I agree Kenny appears to have a significantly positive impact on the City, but he is far 2 active and decisive to have “done nothing but great things”. Dude makes his fair share of mistakes.
        2- If you have access to the financials for Touchstone Holdings Ltd. and want to share, well I’m quite sure we are ALL EARS.
        3- There a quite a number of successful developers in the North. We should work to promote competition so those that are currently best continue to rise to the top.

  2. Posted by Full Service on

    The fact one guy can make a business delivering around town is evidence enough that Canada Post needs to get its act together and develop a similar service. How about just being open after 6pm? Saturdays?

    • Posted by Linda on

      Geez!!! Just hire more people! Stay open longer!
      Stay open on weekends.

      • Posted by Bahl on

        Pay a decent wage. Down south, a job with Canada Post is an excellent gig that a person can live comfortably on. That often results in people staying with CP for a good long time, rather than the revolving door of workers we see up here. It doesn’t pay a whole lot more than northmart up here, even with their allowance.

        • Posted by Mack89 on

          You’d be lucky to get $20/hr down south with Canada Post.. just google it.. how is $20/hr living comfortable??? I think you need to check your facts.. factor in the current 7.6% inflation rate, astronomically high rental rates, high income taxes, gas prices and high food prices.. I think you’ll be on the streets real soon.

      • Posted by martha on

        LOL, tell those ppl who just hang out ventures, and North Mart to work
        it seems like, lot’s of people don’t want to work, it’s sad 🙁

  3. Posted by Maq-Pat on

    I understand that beyond the Postmaster in every community, ALL of Canada Post’s Nunavut Operations are lead out of SOUTHERN Ontario. Can we at the very least have some middle managers with some idea of what it is like to live in the north?!?

    • Posted by John K on

      There is a middle manager that lives here.

      Or at least there was when I worked there. The Postmaster reported to her.

      • Posted by Maq-Pat on

        Cerca-2016 there defiantly wasn’t. The manager would come up for a couple weeks at a time max. Recently heard from friends that was still the case. Would love to be wrong.

  4. Posted by 867 on

    They can barely even find staff for the one location, what makes canada post think they’ll be able to staff a second one?

    • Posted by Missing-Parcel-Man on

      maiybe this time, they can hired New people that eat carrots,With Fine Vision & Concentration That can read small fine/print and Finaly put parcel Cards in the Right Darn Postal Box This Time, For Real.

  5. Posted by Christine on

    Parking will be an issue!!! T already is up there. Not a well thought out location at all. As with alot of things in Iqaluit.

    • Posted by Northerner on

      Maybe there are planned changes to the parking area?

      • Posted by DonBeleiveMe on

        yes,of course,their is:, a 4 story high parking lot ,all made of good quality Nunavut Concrete lol

    • Posted by RIGHT-on-DaDoT on

      i remember having to park my car at Legion Parking Lot or Discovery,
      just to Wait in Line to get my parcel at the Postal wharehouse,
      for no space to park

      • Posted by John W Paul Murphy on

        Didn’t kill you to walk that far did it?

    • Posted by foolofcoins on

      are they putting a small post office inside the frobisher inn only to satisfy some rich people living there who just wants, ease of picking their parcel in Pyjama ?
      with a beer from the bar weiring Comfy Flip Flop ? Living the life. ha

  6. Posted by Christine on

    Parking will be an issue!!! It already is up there. Not a well thought out location at all. As with alot of things in Iqaluit.

  7. Posted by Pedestrians on

    The fact that the decision on who has to move will be based on boundaries is quite upsetting. A lot of people without cars work downtown and for them the current post office and even the warehouse are easy to walk to from work.
    For people using taxis, it will now mean an extra cab fare or hiking up to Astro Hill. For those that walk, it will probably be a major detour.
    It would be great if they could take into account where people live AND work in determining which post office will be assigned.
    If my family gets moved to the new post office at Astro Hill, we won’t be picking up parcels as often as we do now, so they’ll pile up for longer. If others do the same, the new post office will be filled to the brim in no time.

    • Posted by How big is iqaluit? on

      Your talking as if the 2 locations are 50 km’s apart. it’s only a 5 min walk from the main post office to the Brown Building. everything else downtown is within a 15 min walk. entitled much or what?

  8. Posted by I Carried a Bag on

    1. If the new post office is at Astro Hill, the City will have to pay for the installation of traffic lights at the three-way intersection just east of the bridge. How much will that cost?
    2. Iqaluit is the only capital city in Canada where Canada Post does not provide delivery to the door. That should be the priority.
    3. Why are there no Inuit employed by Canada Post in Iqaluit?
    4. Why are there no long term residents of Iqaluit employed by Canada Post in Iqaluit?
    5. My son applied to Canada Post on line and never received a response.
    6. Forget mail delivery to boxes on street-corners, like in some southern communities. Snow would bury them.
    7. I used to be a mail delivery person in Canada. We used walk our route and deliver twice each day to each location on our route.

    • Posted by Umingmak on

      Number 2 is incorrect. All mail delivery across the country is now done to mail boxes that are centally located within neighborhoods. While not as bad as how it’s handled in Nunavut, it’s certainly not “delivery to the door”.

    • Posted by Bert Rose on

      I threshing to read past history from a Postman”s perspective.
      Unfortunately the past is past and never to return.

    • Posted by Penny for my thoughts on

      My thoughts

      1. I doubt the City is installing lights
      2. I don’t want parcels being left on my porch unattended in Iqaluit, do you?
      3. Inuit can get better, easier jobs.
      4. Because Canada Post is a bad employer. Long-term residents need sustainable income. Canada Post does not provide that.
      5. How old is your son? Does he have a high school diploma?
      6. Snow would bury them and in the extreme cold, electronics and liquids would explode or break in a matter of minutes.
      7. Why don’t you apply for Canada Post in Iqaluit?

      You can keep the penny.

    • Posted by Maq-Pat on

      1. Weird intersection to prioritize fixing. Honestly I’d be happy if we just prioritized pedestrian access to Astro. Remember the stairs that used to cut over brown row’s utilidor? when the path up from white row was covered (I don’t)? before those new units blocked the old road up the back of the hill? The boardwalk over the spillway? When the back and side doors to the complex weren’t locked all the time?
      2. I think you mean to the street.
      3. Because they don’t pay enough to retain most locals.
      4. As above. Also Federal NLCA Inuit Employment obligations only apply to “positions in the federal Public Service for which Treasury Board is the employer”.
      5. Probably a disconnected southern office got it, and didn’t realize how valuable applicants in the north are.
      6. Town is small enough to not need them anyway.
      7. Good ol’ days.

    • Posted by What why who on

      1. Maybe just make it’s a four way stop (most people do anyways)
      2.definitely not true
      3.because there’s more well paying jobs that are easier
      4.because there are better jobs
      5. They hire anyone and everyone. Your son must have lied to you
      6. Nope
      7. And no you didn’t

  9. Posted by Door 2 Door on

    Time for door to door delivery of regular mail and small packages. Make this happen Mayor Bell. Please.

    • Posted by Umm, what? on

      I have never received door-to-mail delivery anywhere I’ve lived in this country in my 55 years. Is it still done anywhere?

      Bell can’t ‘make it happen’, not within his power. He can certainly advocate for it though.

    • Posted by Citizen on

      I do not have someone home 24/7 to accept parcels at my house. You can’t leave parcels outside, they will be stolen.
      I would rather wait in line.

      • Posted by Door 2 Door on

        Hogwash. No one wants to steal your small parcels especially if they are in a locked post box.

        Canada Post should train Ravens to deliver mail envelopes, it would give them something useful to do. The Carrier Pigeons of Iqaluit!


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