Iqaluit adopts building bylaw


As of January 2006, Iqalummiut will need a permit if they plan structural home repairs, excavations or add-ons.

The city of Iqaluit’s building bylaw, adopted by council on Nov. 8, means any new buildings will need to meet stricter standards, and will be inspected at five stages during their construction.

Any work that started before the bylaw came into effect is exempt from the new rules.

During construction a first inspection will begin before the siting, grading and installation of water and sewer lines. The next stage requires the building designer to submit a letter certifying the building will be up to code and meet the city’s requirements.

Inspections will also be performed before the framing, plumbing and mechanical rough-in; before the insulation and vapour barrier, prior to installation of drywall; and before occupancy.

Building owners must give the city 48 hours advance notice within the city’s regular scheduled work hours of a required inspection.

The following work might need a permit, at the discretion of the building inspector:

Landscaping, when digging or the dumping of fill doesn’t exceed 30 cm over the existing grade;
Residential decks, patios and retaining walls, if distance between the top of the platform and the adjacent finished grade doesn’t exceed 60 cm;
Non-structural alterations or repairs to an existing building, if the construction value doesn’t exceed $20,000;
Accessory buildings used for cold storage that are no greater than 10 metres square in area;
Fences, provided the builder follows the responsibilities and obligations spelled out in the building bylaw.
A full copy of the code is available at city hall during business hours.

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