Iqaluit City Council says no to big truck request

Rec department asks for Ford F-150


Iqaluit council rejected the recreation department’s request for a new pickup truck Aug. 25, and asked administrative staff to prepare an integrated proposal for the most efficient and economical use of city vehicles.

The decision was a rude welcome for Jean Claude Fromont, the city’s new recreation director, making his first appearance before council.

He said the department needed a Ford F-150, four-wheel-drive pickup with a crew cab, priced at $42,230.

Although finance director John Mabberi-Mudonyi confirmed the truck was definitely needed, and there was reserve money available for the purchase, councillor Glenn Williams argued it wasn’t included in this year’s budget.

He said he wasn’t convinced of the need for such a large vehicle, or even an extra vehicle at all.

“When I got on council, it seemed everybody had their own truck. So council tried to reduce the number of vehicles — and we’ve been successful.”

Williams said he wasn’t targeting recreation. He had also opposed the bylaw department’s recent vehicle purchase.

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