Iqaluit doctor carries message to show Harper

Invest in people, not the military, says Dr. Madeleine Cole



When Dr. Madeleine Cole went out to hear Prime Minister Stephen Harper speak during his visit to Iqaluit this past Saturday, she said also had something to say.

“I couldn’t go see Stephen Harper speak without commenting,” said Cole. “If anything, it was a very gentle protest.”

As Cole stood among the crowd outside the legislative assembly listening to Harper express his dedication to Arctic sovereignty, she had a home-made sign propped up against the fence next to her.

The sign, written with a marker on poster board, read: “Invest in Arctic communities if you believe in Arctic sovereignty. Achieve peace through funding education and health care.”

Cole said that sign reflected her feeling that the federal government has skewed priorities in the North.

“It’s not that sovereignty is not important, it’s just the way you go about it,” she said.

Cole said she feels that sending military personnel to military exercises in Arctic waters is a big waste of money.
She said this focus on the military “pulls us into war propaganda.”

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