Jimmy “Flash” Kilabuk is Iqaluit’s new mayor

Veteran town councillor will now sit in the mayor’s chair


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IQALUIT Iqaluit voters have brought in a new mayor Jimmy “Flash” Kilabuk.

Also, six new councillors were elected in what many are calling an important transition period for Iqaluit, as the community gets ready to officially become Nunavut’s capital in 1999.

“The reason why I ran for the mayoralty was there wasn’t enough candidates who were running for the job. Also, I ran because of my council background and experience and it helped me in getting elected,” Kilabuk said.

Close race all the way

His closest competitor was Adamee Itorcheak, owner of Nunanet Worldwide Communications. Former mayor Bryan Pearson came third with 272 votes.

Kilabuk sees the job as a sense of pride for the community of Iqaluit. “You see in most of the Nunavut communities they have Inuit mayors.”

He said his experience as deputy mayor for the last two years and as town councillor will prove to be invaluable.

“I thought if I ran people would have a choice on the ballot and Inuit would have stronger power as they are original peoples of the Arctic in this election,” Kilabuk said.

“The first job I’d like to see is workshops on how the council works. I also would like to get to know the councillors,” he said.

Iqaluit in an important transition

“I know Iqaluit is going to be a booming community, if I’m still alive for the next three years, I’d like to work closely with the councillors in making good decisions.” Kilabuk said.

He said the next three years will be a challenge for the community and the council and that growth in both infrastructure and population will have to be scrutinized closely.

Kilabuk said other mayoralty candidates did their best and even though they lost, he knows that they’ll work closely with him. That goes for the outgoing mayor, Joe Adla Kunuk, he said.

New faces on council

According to the unnofficial results, incumbent councillors Ben Ell and Geosah Uniuqsaraq were re-elected with 577 and 477 votes respectively.

The six newly-elected councillors are: Lynda Gunn, with 563 votes, Simon Nattaq with 562, Joshua Kango, with 526, John Matthews with 524, Douglas Lem with 453 votes, and Matthew Spence with 510 votes.

Newcomer Barry Cornthwaite finished in ninth place, followed by incumbents Kenn Harper and Brian Hellwig.

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