Justice? What justice?


Is it only in the north that this happens? Why? Who is responsible? I demand answers from those responsible as they are suppose to serve us citizens in this very important issue.

Are we to just stand there when someone commits murder? Of course not, but the courts are just doing exactly that in my opinion when sentences such as that are handed down!

Believe me or not, when I say that I am ashamed to be served by the system that is currently in place. Am I supposed to accept that a murderer only gets six years for literally executing another human after attempting to kill his own uncle and cousin a month prior to the murder he was able to commit?

And how long is this time shortened by his preventative custody and his so called “good behavior” during his sentence? Delays in the courts also are a major problem for victims and their families and a benefit for the victimizer themselves.

This allows so called “strategies” and ways to get out for the offender to get a lighter sentence. This system needs a big clean up and I mean big. We, the citizens must speak up before it happens to us.

I sure hope that the justice system acts soon before more people begin to feel that it is okay to kill or injure others. Because I feel that this is the message currently shown by the system.

(Name withheld by request)

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