Kenn Harper talks up Knud Rasmussen

Danish explorer’s Fifth Thule Expedition was ‘most important expedition to northern Canada,’ says writer of biweekly Taissumani column

Nunatsiaq News columnist Kenn Harper speaks at the Canadian Geographic Society’s CanGeo Talk in Ottawa Wednesday night, in front of a slide featuring a quotation from Danish explorer Knud Rasmussen. Harper called Rasmussen’s Fifth Thule Expedition, between 1921 and 1923, “the most important expedition to northern Canada” because it was the explorer’s goal to meet Inuit. Rasmussen, who was from Greenland, is highly regarded in Denmark. “A small nation, population-wise, likes to have a great hero,” he says. Harper writes the biweekly Taissumani column for Nunatsiaq News, which has been recounting Rasmussen’s expedition. (Photo by Corey Larocque)

By Corey Larocque

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    Mr Kenn Harper always stated knowledge and wealth in the north.
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