Kids set fire to Gjoa Haven co-op


Gjoa Haven’s food supply went up in flames this week when the Qikiqtaq co-op warehouse burned to the ground early Monday morning.

According to the local RCMP unit, kids broke into the warehouse and began playing with matches. It didn’t take long for the fire they started to take hold.

By the time firefighters were called to the scene, at about 6 a.m., the fire was out of control.

The kids involved in the incident confessed their role in the blaze to the RCMP.

“They’re all under 12 so we can’t release any names,” said RCMP Constable Christine Soucy.

The kids apparently pried open a boarded-up window to enter the warehouse.

There was two weeks worth of food in the store when the fire occurred. Co-op manager Uriel Budden said the re-supply of food coming into the community will be given priority.

Arctic Co-ops Ltd. has not yet established a dollar value to the loss of the warehouse.

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