Kinngait Health Centre to reopen 3 weeks early

More available staff allows centre to open doors Sept. 7, Health Department announces

The Kinngait Health Centre will reopen Sept. 7, earlier than the previously expected date of Sept. 30. (Photo by David Venn)

By Nunatsiaq News

The Kinngait Health Centre will reopen Sept. 7 instead of the originally announced date of Sept. 30, the Government of Nunavut’s Health Department said in a news release Monday.

More staff became available which made the earlier reopening possible, department spokesperson Danarae Sommerville told Nunatsiaq News. The health centre had been closed since Aug. 9.

The department had noted that announced closures or service reductions at health centres could change based on staff availability.

Pangnirtung’s health centre also closed for a week in early August, due to a staff shortage there.

In June, Nunavut’s Health Minister John Main told the legislature he expected 11 of the territory’s 25 communities would see their health centres temporarily close over the summer due to staffing shortages.

It was a problem being felt in communities all across Canada, he said at the time.

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(10) Comments:

  1. Posted by Skunk Works EDUCATION on

    Deliver Academic programs that are relevant to STUDENT’s EDUCATION, NOT curriculum that is not related to Education. The Academic program’s that should be taught in classes:

    – English/ Grammar
    – Math
    – Science
    – Social Studies
    – Inuktitut
    – Physical Education

    The Academic basics that should be taught in schools on regular basis, NOT programs that is not part of students education. Education that could pursue students to further post-secondary.

    • Posted by Southerner in the North on

      What irrelevant curriculum do you believe is being taught in schools? Also, please provide your evidence that irrelevant curriculum is being emphasized at the expense of core academic curriculum.

      • Posted by Not southerner on

        Aula(short form) for high school should be an elective/CTS. I believe this is inuit studies. 2 hours is dedicated to this and it does not help with students wanting to pursue post secondary. This 2 hour could be shared with French language education and perhaps some life skills stuff like finance, cooking, etc. or even geography/ history classes!

        • Posted by Southerner in the North on

          Are you saying then that if the time for Aula was reallocated that suddenly lots of young Nunavummiut would be going on to post-secondary education and professional training ending our Nursing shortage?

        • Posted by Southerner in the North on

          So, if reallocate the time currently used for Aula, suddenly young Nunavummiut will complete high school and go to college or university and become nurses?

        • Posted by Curiosity Work’s, Skunks!?! on

          That being well said, is this current curriculum delivered in classes relevant to students EDUCATION??? Notice 5% or below average per capita only few enroll post-secondary if (that is IF!!!) Academic programs are delivered in classes, as expected.

          On 2nd thought NOT likely. This is a prime example (broken system) based on -%’s of vacant government JOB’s etc.

          • Posted by Southerner in the North on

            My point is that although better curriculum and better organization of curriculum can improve academic outcomes, that the impact of parental encouragement, being well fed, not being afraid of bullies, and having teachers who better understand the learning context have a far more beneficial effect that tinkering with the curriculum, at this point in time.

            • Posted by Curiosity Work’s, Skunks!?! on

              Well thought example, how school broken system is manipulated i.e. school CALENDAR program’s in all level’s to avoid ACADEMIC resource lesson’s in classes. Ring a bell!?! Pretty vocal on program’s NOT relevant to student’s EDUCATION.

              Keep tinkering on bureaucracy red tape’s!

  2. Posted by Scrubs on

    I wonder if this is a team from the Red Cross, or regional management bullying a skeleton crew of burnt out nurses to go to the community so they have less of a PR black eye?

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