Kivalliq Inuit Association dismisses Rankin Inlet HTO petition

The board said there’s no evidence that the president ‘acted disloyal’ to KIA

Kono Tattuinee will not be removed by the Kivalliq Inuit Association following a petition from Rankin Inlet’s Kangiqliniq Hunters and Trappers Organization. (File photo)

By David Venn
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Kivalliq Inuit Association’s board of directors have decided they will not remove Kono Tattuinee as president.

The association issued a news release on Monday following a board of directors meeting. It says that the Kangiqliniq Hunters and Trappers Organization’s petition asking it to remove Tattuinee was incomplete and lacking evidence.

“The facts do not suggest, or support any claim, that president Kono Tattuinee’s actions or statements … have met any of the grounds for removal,” the release, which is unsigned, states.

Rankin Inlet’s HTO launched its petition on Oct. 12 calling for Tattuinee’s removal over comments he made in favour of the possibility of mining exploration on caribou calving grounds in the region. This is something the hunters say they do not want.

The petition also makes the allegation that Tattuinee didn’t allow a member to vote at a Kivalliq Inuit Association board meeting and stopped the Kangiqliniq Hunters and Trappers Organization’s executive director, Andre Aokaut, from tabling a motion to stop mine-related road construction.

The petition received 202 signatures.

The Kivalliq Inuit Association’s news release disputes these claims.

In regards to mining exploration on calving grounds, the petition did not provide evidence that suggests the president of the Inuit association acted “disloyal and in a manner that did not reflect the objectives of KIA,” states the release.

It goes on to say that the motion Aokaut tried to table was to close Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd.’s Meliadine mine indefinitely — something that other members voiced their concerns about — and that the petition “incorrectly alleged” that voting members can vote at board of director meetings, when they can only vote at annual general meetings or special member meetings.

“While it is acknowledged that the matters raised were important, they were too large to be addressed at the time and in [the] manner requested,” states the release, adding later on that the issue would be considered by the board.

Kangiqliniq Hunters and Trappers Organization chairperson Harry Ittinuar said he would not be commenting on the matter until its members have had the chance to meet.

Tattuinee declined an interview request. The news release said KIA will not comment further on the matter.

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(12) Comments:

  1. Posted by Inuk guy on

    KIA has made the right call. Tattuinee is a good President and nothing he said was out of line. Nunavut has a huge deficit of employment and to outright shut down development discussions is madness.

  2. Posted by Kivalliaqmiut on

    Kono didn’t do anything wrong. There is a need for jobs in the kivalliq, we need economic progression to help give us a chance to tackle the high cost of living. Can’t keep waiting for government hand outs or the HTO lottery on hunting equipment. Having a job, like the mine gives me a chance to buy my own equipment, house, food and clothing for my family. I dont want a handout anymore from the government, I want to work.

  3. Posted by Jay Arnakak on

    I love this story: it is a counter to ‘conspiracy theoretic’ POVs.

    No skin off my nose, but re-enforces my theories on good governance.

  4. Posted by Hard working inuk on

    Another group trying to shut a mine down, future looks like we’ll be more government reliant in Nunavut.

  5. Posted by This one looks like Adolf Hitler on

    Very good for the Inuit to call out the dictator. Will be interesting how this dictator fares next year. The communities he is suppose to represent want to be served and aren’t getting it.

    • Posted by In Rankin on

      You sound like the dictator; prejudging based on looks

    • Posted by Sam on

      Cannot believe the garbage in this comment,to mention AH, shame on you to compare Kono

      • Posted by KIA Supporter on

        It’s probably you who made that comment pretending to be AH, long gone. Get over it and start acting like an adult, not like a kid whose lollipop got taken away.

  6. Posted by Alex Alikashuak on

    Anywhere in the World , Money related matters will win everytime , even if it is not good for the Enviroment . For sure , in this case , certain influential Families stand to make the most money , earned (?) , not sure. But I believe Mining is a good thing for mostly flat broke people of the area. I grew up in Rankin , the Community still stands as it did when I was a kid there. Minning is a good way for everyone to earn much needed income until the ore runs out , it did in Rankin and Nanisivik .

  7. Posted by Old timer on

    What’s next sam go after AEM?for not shut it down the roads for 4 years also Baker lake. You guys never got this instead u look at KIA

  8. Posted by Suqaima on

    Hunter need to go from Kono’s office or he will not get elected again next time around.

  9. Posted by Name Withheld on

    What if we start going after people who have made such comments on social media to a point where they have defamed others?

    Better yet put them to court? Nunavut is very bad at using social media to defamed individuals 🙃


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