Koperqualuk acclaimed as new Inuit Circumpolar Council Canada president

Leadership changes announced following ICC conference in Kuujjuaq this week

Lisa Qiluqqi Koperqualuk, seen in this 2019 file photo, was acclaimed the Inuit Circumpolar Conference Canada’s new president Monday. (File photo by Lisa Gregoire)

By Nunatsiaq News

Updated on Wednesday, July 20, 2022 at 9:45 a.m.

Lisa Qiluqqi Koperqualuk is the new president of Inuit Circumpolar Council Canada, it was announced at the organization’s annual general meeting Monday in Kuujjuaq.

ICC Canada is the Canadian branch of the Inuit Circumpolar Council, an advocacy organization representing Inuit in Canada, Alaska, Greenland and Russia.

Koperqualuk, who previously served as vice president (international), was acclaimed to the position. She will replace Monica Ell-Kanayuk, the outgoing president who has held the role since 2018.

“It has been my honour to serve as President of ICC Canada for the past four years,” Ell-Kanayuk said in a statement.

To fill Koperqualuk’s former role, Herbert Angik Nakimayak was elected as the new vice president (international) over Crystal Martin-Lapenskie, the only other candidate for the position.

Attendees of the annual general meeting were from across Inuit Nunangat and included Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami president Natan Obed, Makivik Corp. president Pita Aaami and Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. president Aluki Kotierk.

Koperqualuk was not available for an interview earlier this week.

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly identified members of the Inuit Circumpolar Council. It has been updated to reflect the organization’s members.

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(9) Comments:

  1. Posted by Arctic Gabfest on

    A self aggrandizing organization that exists in an alternate universe of its own creation, rarely if ever effecting change on our planet. I suppose that is for the best. Either way, having followed her commentary over the years, I am certain this is the perfect place for Koperqualuk.

    • Posted by eskimo joe on

      Just let it be, I understand what what is happening, do you know how it effect Far East Siberia? I was there few times and saw the effects. What else bothers you? CAA, CAF, Walmart, Costco, USA, UN, United Kingdom? nothing is perfect in this world, only inside your house or an apartment maybe?

      • Posted by Arctic Gabfest on

        Joe, I’m not commenting on or dismissing any of the issues that might be found across the circumpolar world. I’m only pointing out that this organization seems to exist to do little more than enhance its own prestige, though I doubt it was designed that way.

        • Posted by eskimo joe on

          I will support any organization which will even in a small way further causes in the global arctic.

  2. Posted by Inuk from Greenland on

    Denmark is not member of ICC!! Pls. correct the article

    • Posted by ChesLey on

      Denmark could be given an observers status and an official invitation. The country has a long record of affecting the north’s affairs. Read of the Taisumani stories published in NN.

  3. Posted by On top looking down on

    There’s good intentions with ICC, as is with many other organizations for Inuit. The thing is they have a tendency to make a wind of its own with direction away from the core needs of people that they serve. It’s a culture of its own created alongside Inuit culture, that uses Inuit culture to justify its existence to carry on with their own goals. Lots of good people in the organization, but as is usual from interacting with each other, the members objective are limited by narrow minded voting that results only in protecting their own popularity among each other. The good people on board get pushed aside.

    • Posted by Worlds of their own on

      ITK, NTI fit this description also. Is it their unaccountablity and the fact they are held to almost no scrutiny? I tend to think so 🤔

  4. Posted by ChesLey on

    One thing the org should do would be to stand up for Indigenous peoples and insist that the ongoing conflict not mean business and relations with Russia be shut down. It is not an Indigenous peoples war.

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