KSB clarifies move from Montreal to Kuujuuaq

Even though the Quebec government has delayed the construction of their new building in Kujjuaq for one year, employees of the Kativik School Board will still move to Nunavik on schedule.


Last Friday, staff at the Kativik School Board in Montreal were elated.

But their bubble was soon burst.

An article called “Quebec City once again delays KSB to Nunavik,” published in Nunatsiaq News January 12, reported that the Quebec education department is putting off the construction of the KSB’s administrative offices in Kuujjuaq by one year, until July, 2002.

The article mistakenly inferred that, as a result, the move to Kuujjuaq of 17 employees who are now working in curriculum development, training, research and computer development in Montreal would also be postponed until July, 2002.

“The 17 employees who have received their letters [notifying them their positions are moving North] will still go to Nunavik,” said KSB director general Annie Grenier.

Two, in fact, have already relocated to Kuujjuaq.

Grenier said board officials were disappointed with Quebec’s decision to put off building the new administrative facilities.

“But we have to work with what we’re given,” Grenier said.

Grenier confirmed the board’s intention to continue moving staff North in preparation for the board’s eventual relocation. They will work out of two of the duplexes built this summer in Kuujjuaq until Quebec comes through with the money to build a permanent building.

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