Kuujjuaq plans to grow fresh produce in a shipping container

Makivik Corp. has acquired this hydroponic garden housed in a shipping container, which was delivered to Kuujjuaq earlier this winter. The garden, supplied by Ottawa-based Growcer, will be used to grow fresh fruit and vegetables like bok choy, lettuce and different herbs for the community. Kuujjuaq grocery store Newviq’vi is managing the garden and distributing the food it produces, a portion of which will go to daycare centres and to the local elders’ home. The container was purchased with a $350,00 grant from the Quebec government’s Société du Plan Nord. Makivik hopes to be able to expand the initiative to other Nunavik communities next year. (PHOTO COURTESY OF MAKIVIK)

By Nunatsiaq News

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(3) Comments:

  1. Posted by Gobble Gobble on

    Congratulations, you paid $350,000 for about $80,000 worth of stuff.

    • Posted by Benjamin Vidmar on

      Just curious about your figures. Do you mean 80000 worth of equipment? What about the value of harvest they will be able to produce? What value would you place on that?
      I am also interested in getting one of these units and appreciate any input you may have.

    • Posted by Jesse on

      180,000 flat cost of a growcer container plus transportation would have been huge, with ocean access only and at that- one cargo ship per year to that town. I bet there is money left in the grant for wages, supplies, site prep and electrical bills. But great that you went ahead and assumed it was misspent money and left a cutting comment – well done troll. The internet must be wonderful for you.

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