Let all of Nunavut benefit from harvester support


I have been collecting my thoughts and watching the news about Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.’s hunter support program, which took the form of a lottery this year.

As a beneficiary, I am totally against it. It has turned into annual free support for anybody who needs snowmobiles or motors in the name of hunting. It has turned away from the very people it was meant for.

It gives support to people who have full-time jobs and vehicles to get around town. But that same support could be put to better use by a subsistence harvester or families living in outpost camps.

The money should be given to the HTOs as part of their budget so they are not cash strapped. They can do more for the communities.

Get the communities better food processing centres so they can prepare better food storage for the future. Let’s stop spoiling ourselves with something that we have been given to use wisely.

Have communities buy major food harvesting vehicles so there are more spin-off food benefits. We have seen that a community that works together is rewarded with more for its people.

I am writing not because I’m jealous of the people who have benefitted from the program. I’m only trying to voice my opinions on a very popular free-for-all in hopes that we can all work together to better our lives and our communities for our very own sake.

Let all of Nunavut benefit, not just a few.

Levi Palituq
Clyde River

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