Two men sit on the tundra on a summer day. Photo taken in Arviat in 1946. (Image Courtesy of the Canadian Heritage Photography Foundation)

Listen to elders when they tell us a story

‘My Corner of Our Land’ – Nunatsiaq News readers reflect on Nunavut Day

By Celina Alikut,
Special to Nunatsiaq News

I would like to say a short story about our land — Nunavut.

Our land and history are very important to me because I grew up Inuit, and I am proud to be an Inuk who speaks in Inuktitut.

I would like to encourage children to speak in Inuktitut not to lose our language, our culture.

Our land, our people, our ancestors who were so tough in igloos, tent even when they got no ride to hunt.

So proud of our ancestors we had to speak up ‘cuz our elders are not many.

Listen to them when they tell us a story. They are so strong and know the lands very well. We can be part of them if we listen to them.

That’s all I wanted to share.

Celina Alikut lives in Arviat.

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