Male charged with unlawful sale of liquor in Arviat

RCMP says officers seized 18 bottles of liquor, wine

A male has been charged with unlawful sale of liquor after Arviat RCMP seized 16 bottles of whisky and two bottles of wine on Aug. 6 that the suspect intended to sell, said Sgt. Pauline Melanson on Friday. (Photo courtesy of RCMP).

By Nunatsiaq News

A male has been charged with unlawful sale of liquor after RCMP in Arviat seized multiple bottles of liquor he intended to sell, Sgt. Pauline Melanson said in a news release Friday.

“On August 6, Arviat RCMP received information that a male individual was arriving in town with liquor that he planned on selling,” Melanson said.

She said officers seized 16 bottles of whisky and two bottles of wine from the suspect.

The male — whose age and identity were not released by police — has been charged with unlawful sale of liquor under section 84 of the Liquor Act. He is scheduled to appear in court Aug. 16.


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  1. Posted by John W Paul Murphy on

    Congratulations firstly to the person reporting the event and secondly to the RCMP for their quick response.
    Illegal alcohol and drugs are destructive to many of our population within Nunavut and in particular to our children.
    Many thanks to all who support the RCMP and removing this garbage from our communities.

  2. Posted by Old timer on

    There go’s my hangover 🤢

    • Posted by Truestory on


    • Posted by And for many on

      For many: there goes the hangover plus a ride by police car to the cell.

  3. Posted by addict on

    as much as this pains to see an addidct, its a step in the right direction. i need help with my alcoholism, but its hard, you have to leave the territory for addictions help. you heal outside home, but when you come back, the pain is all there. you need to heal at home, where the pain is. i can’t heal at home without help. my other half needs help too. i’m tired of hurting myself and my family. i need help.

    • Posted by Don’t be a weakling on

      Alcohol and drugs only shows and makes weakness, the more and longer you use them will only make pain feel real, that’s why alcoholics and drug addicts need help to quit.
      I finally saw that I was hurting My wife and kids by making these stimulants/depressants being a priority that don’t help Me, feed Me and love Me so I quit cold turkey to have a loving family instead.

  4. Posted by Aniqta Imialuk Pialukpuq on

    Keep going no alcohol allowed in our community keep on going RCMP good job.

    • Posted by confused on

      Prohibition of alcohol in most communities is only making shortages of Nurses and Teachers in Nunavut.

      • Posted by Stupid Decision on

        What an idiot decision you have made. They’re having shortages because of not too much $$ they want more $$ and too expensive to buy groceries we don’t have that much veggies or whatever they eat. You are one of those idiots that just like troll around eh.

        • Posted by confused on

          Yo Joe!

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