Forensic ID officers flying in to investigate death in downtown Iqaluit

Man, 27, from Igloolik found unresponsive in front of elders’ qammaq

Police stretched yellow tape around all of Iqaluit Square on the morning of Aug, 8, after responding to a man found unconscious in front of the elders’ qammaq. An ambulance took the man to Qikiqtani General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The man’s body has been sent out for an autopsy and forensic ID officers are flying in to help in the investigation. (Photo by Jim Bell)

By Jim Bell

(Updated 4:30 p.m., Aug. 9)

RCMP forensic identification officers are flying in to Iqaluit to help look into the Aug. 8 death of a 27-year-old man from Igloolik, police said in a statement issued Friday, Aug. 9.

The man, who was found unresponsive yesterday in front of the elders’ qammaq at Iqaluit Square, was pronounced dead at the Qikiqtani General Hospital after an ambulance transported him there.

Police have not identified the 27-year-old man and have not stated any apparent cause of death.

But police say they believe there is no risk to the public.

The man’s body has been sent out of Iqaluit for an autopsy and police say they will have no more information to share until after that autopsy is completed.

Members of the Nunavut RCMP’s major crimes unit, along with members of the Iqaluit detachment and the office of the chief coroner, have been investigating the death since yesterday.

That investigation began at around 10:40 a.m. Aug. 8, when an RCMP officer on patrol was waved down and asked to tend to the man.

By the late morning of Aug. 8, police had secured the scene by stretching yellow tape around all of Iqaluit Square in front of the elders’ buildings, and began guarding the site.

Iqaluit Square, located next to the Northmart store and across from Nakasuk School, is a park-like gathering spot in the heart of Iqaluit constructed of rocks and boulders, with benches and a raised platform in the middle.

Police also seek help from the public.

They say anyone with information that may help piece together the events that led to the Igloolik man’s death should contact the RCMP detachment in Iqaluit at 867-979-1111.

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