Manitok Thompson on Nunavut BIP: Full Text


Nunavut Business Incentive Policy

Mr. Speaker, I rise today in order to provide clarification to both the members and the Nunavut Business community with respect to the Nunavut Business Incentive Policy.

Mr. Speaker you will note that I called it the Nunavut BIP for it applies to Nunavut Businesses only. This policy is applied specifically to the Nunavut Territory only.

Mr. Speaker, I believe that this will help create new possibilities within the Nunavut area which may not have been considered viable previously.

Under the original Business Incentive Policy there were instances where Nunavut businesses were unable to compete directly with the well established businesses in both Yellowknife and the Western part of the Territories.

It is my belief that the Nunavut Business Incentive policy will help level the playing field and create potential in such areas as small scale manufacturing and industry.

There will be opportunities for Nunavut businesses to fill the gaps which were once filled by businesses from the rest of the Northwest Territories where operating costs were, in some cases, much lower. Mr. Speaker, this creates additional opportunities in our communities which may not have been previously viable.

The original Business Incentive Policy was established by the Government of NWT in 1984. The principle function of this policy was to enable northern firms to compete on an equal footing with southern firms in bidding for goods and services in the North. The high cost of maintaining a business in the North made this a necessity.

Mr. Speaker, by adopting the Nunavut Business Incentive Policy our intent is to assist Nunavut Businesses to develop and grow. This is a very important factor in ensuring that doing business within Nunavut, benefits the people of Nunavut.

Mr. Speaker, this will result in increased economic activity and employment opportunities at the local level as businesses expand to meet the requirements within Nunavut.

Presently there are 383 approved firms listed in the registry for the Nunavut area.

This number is comprised of: 50 firms in the Kitikmeot, 132 firms in the Keewatin and 201 firms in the Baffin. The complete list is located on the World Wide Web at:

Mr. Speaker, let me reassure all members that the Nunavut Business Incentive Policy is in effect for the period of April 1st 1999 to March 31st 2000.

During this transition period a review will be undertaken in order to see how the policy can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of Nunavut and Article 24.

Mr. Speaker, this review will involve NTI and other interested stakeholders in order to ensure that we can obtain maximum input in developing a “made in Nunavut” policy.

Mr. Speaker, as the Minister responsible for Public Works, Telecommunications and Technical Services, I look forward to this review and encourage all interested parties to participate.

This can only lead to greater benefits and economic opportunities for business in Nunavut.

Thank you Mr. Speaker

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