Marijuana Party candidate clarifies position


To the readers, and in particular the residents of Igloolik, I feel I must write in response to the attention being given to my life recently and publicly.

My apologies to Mayor Quassa and all those offended by statements reported in this paper in relation to my aquiring and then wanting to donate some carvings and artifacts. It was never my intention to bring about this much anger and oppression over an act of honesty and generosity.

The “problem” existed long before my time and the methods employed to address the problem usually cause more problems!

I have no need to bash anyone or anything here.

We all make choices. I chose to stop being afraid of the truth and to work towards a better life for my children and for all the young people who want to work toward a future for themselves, free of the lies and shame associated and propagated by law enforcement and governments from the south.

Anyone of us can abuse anything. Cannabis Marijuana is something that can be turned into an asset sustaining life, here, now, and in the future.

I am talking about eating, fuel for heat and transportation, medicine, cloth, canvas and so on.

By adapting and re-directing the negative and turn the presence and enjoyment of cannabis into a positive (as they try to do on beer commercials) we together can change for the better, for the future of all our children and grandchildren.

I believe this and stand by my belief.

Thank you for this opportunity to respond publicly.

And just so the facts are straight, I did plead guilty to two charges and I will be sentenced by a judge in Igloolik on Sept.25. No ”back room deal,” no jury. Just me and the judge. Hope that makes it simple enough for everyone.

Ed deVries

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