Mine debate provokes hostility among Baker Lake residents


Comments made by Boris Kotelewetz in your Aug. 1 issue compelled me to write this letter.

He finally admitted what the people of Baker Lake have known for years. He represents only himself and a few friends only. He considers the majority idiots driven only by money. It does not matter to him if the mine comes or not. He made his money already. This shows how little Boris knows the people, people literally on a starvation diet because they have no money. And that is today. Welfare just doesn’t cut it.

Unlike Boris and the other councillors, the majority have faith in our water board and other territorial and federal regulators and agencies to protect the environment and the people.

After all, they have been watching other mines in all parts of Canada for decades.

And Boris was wrong when he said people go around saying they are trying to prevent development. What the people say is Boris doesn’t want Inuit to succeed.

Nick Nungnik
Baker Lake

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