Money to reduce greenhouse gases


The city has received $50,000 from the Aboriginal and Northern Climate Change Program (AANCCP) to implement strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In November, Iqaluit became the 100th member of the Partners in Climate Protection (PCP) program, which committed the city to take part in a five-step program targeted at reducing greenhouse gases.

The $50,000 allows the city to hire a contractor for six months to begin work in assessing Iqaluit’s current output of greenhouse gas emissions; set targets and begin a plan for reducing them; partner with other local and national groups to continue this type of work; and find other sources of funding to keep the work afloat.

The contractor, who will be based at city hall and report directly to the director of planning and lands, will also help current city staff follow through on these PCP initiatives.

The money from AANCCP is half the amount the city applied for in March.

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